Protective Mask

FFP3 Filtering Half Mask(Headband)

FFP2 Filtering Half Mask(Headband)Model: KPM-3 【Primary Structure】 The mask is composed of mask body, nose bridges

FFP3 Filtering Half Mask(Headband)

Model: KPM-3


Primary Structure

The mask is composed of mask body, nose bridge strip and headbands. The mask body is composed of five layers of non-woven fabric and filter material. The inner and outer layers consist of spunbond non-woven fabric, while the middle layers consist of one layer of electrostatic cotton and two layers of melt blown non-woven fabric.


Use Range

The protective mask is intended to use for respiratory protection from industrial dust, sand dust, pollen, other salty and oily particles.



Masks can filter certain pollutants, but they do not eliminate the risk of illness or infection. Wrong use of masks may lead to illness or even death.


Using Instructions

Wear the mask according to the following graphics and check the fitting carefuly:

FFP3 Filtering Half Mask(Headband) (图1) 

Storage Condition and Methods

Condition of temperature -20℃ to 38℃, humidity < 80%


Shelf Life 

36 Months


EN 1492001+A1:2009 FFP3 NR

Made in China