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Disposable Isolation Gown (Apron type)--CE DOC

Disposable Isolation Gown (Apron type)--CE DOC/Meet the requirements of EN13795.【Primary Structure】 Used hydrophobic non

Disposable Isolation Gown (Apron type)--CE DOC/Meet the requirements of EN13795.

【Primary Structure】 

Used hydrophobic non-woven as the main raw material, made by cutting and sewing. Apron style. The product is for single-use only.

【Scope of Application】

Used for general isolation in outpatient service, ward and laboratory of medical institutions.

【Instructions for Use】

Select the appropriate model according to the size before use, then open the package for use.

- If you wear additional items of personal protective equipment, please read the product manuals before use, to ensure these protection products can be used in conjunction with protective clothing. 

- Choose the suitable size of chemical protective clothing to ensure there is enough activity space to facilitate work. Failure to follow the instruction on the instruction manual or incorrect use of chemical protective clothing may cause injury. Only trained personnel are suitable for wearing chemical protective clothing.

- Check the chemical protective clothing before use. If you find any defects in the chemical protective clothing, please do not wear it. Please return unused defective clothing to the supplier. 

· Note:

- Please select specific protective clothing products according to different working environments. If the workplace environment and the performance level of protective clothing in terms of comfort are not properly considered, wearing chemical protective clothing may cause thermal stress.

- Please be careful when removing contaminated chemical protective clothing, and do not contaminate any harmful substances by removing the protective clothing. If the protective clothing has been contaminated, certain pollution purification procedures (for example: pollution purification shower) need to be taken before removing the protective clothing.

- Please consider wearing appropriate clothing under the chemical protective clothing to reduce thermal stress or damage to your chemical protective clothing. It is the user’s ultimate responsibility to determine whether the chemical protective clothing products are suitable for a specific application.

- The chemical protective clothing are recommended for one-time use. If protective clothing is contaminated, worn of damaged, it should be removed immediately and disposed of properly.

- When the chemical protective clothing is used in combination with other personal protective equipment or for comprehensive protection, seal the protective clothing cuffs and gloves with tape, seal the protective clothing ankle and protective shoes/boots, seal the protective clothing head cover and respiratory protection necessary. Please judge whether the chemical protective clothing and other personal protective equipment have been used correctly.

- Please do not try to change or repair the chemical protective clothing. Contaminated the chemical protective clothing should be properly disposed of in accordance with national or local regulations. During storage, the chemical protective clothing should be stored in accordance with conventional storage methods.

- When disposing, the chemical protective clothing can be disposed of by non-hazardous methods such as incineration or controlled garbage burial. The restriction on disposal only depend on the contaminants introduced during use.

- Prohibition of use if expired the valid date.

- Please note that strongly pull may cause break of the zipper.

- Flammable material. Keep away from fire.

· Storage:

The chemical protective clothing should be stored in a dry and airy places, away from organic solvents, acids, alkalis and any sources of direct light and heat. Keep in temperature 5 – 25℃. 

· Cautions:

Do-Not Re-Use. After use, the product shall be disposed according to the requirements of the hospital or the environmental protection department.

Shelf Life:24 Months

Disposable Isolation Gown 0301/LEVEL 2(图1)

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