Medical Surgical Mask

Medical Surgical Mask TYPEⅡ

Medical Surgical Mask TYPEⅡFrom GMP Class 100,000 Cleanroom, Blood and Body Fluid Resistance, 3-Ply Hypoallergenic

Medical Surgical Mask / TYPEⅡ--European Standards:EN 14683:2019

From GMP Class 100,000 Cleanroom, Blood and Body Fluid Resistance, 3-Ply Hypoallergenic Protection.

Instruction For Use:

1.Hold mask with nosepiece at top mask white lining facing you.

2.Apply mask to your nose and mouth and pinch nosepiece to conform to your nose.

3.Secure the two ear-loops around your ears. Expand pleats to create void placing the bottom of the mask under your chin.

4.Mould nosepiece tightly to secure facial fit.

Complies with the requirement of the medical devices Directive 93/42/EEC Annex VII and complies with the following European Standards:EN 14683:2019.

Shelf Life:18 Month

Chinese Standard:YY 0469-2011