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Disposable Medical Protective Clothing (Coverall)/LEVEL 4

Single-use Medical Protective Clothing (Coverall)--LEVEL 4(Executive Standard: AAMI PB70)【Structure and composition】It is mad

Disposable Medical Protective Clothing (Coverall)--LEVEL 4(Executive Standard: AAMI PB70)

Structure and composition

It is made of non-woven with polyethylene film fabric, EVA protective tape and 2-way zipper.

【Size Range】

Free Size

Scope of application

To provide barrier and protection for clinical medical and nursing staff in the work of contact with potential infection’s blood, fluids, secretions.

【Product Features】

The hydrostatic pressure at key parts of the protective clothing it is no less than 1.67 kPa (17 cm HO);

The moisture-permeability of protective clothing fabric are more than 2500g/ (㎡•d)

The anti-synthetic blood penetration level of protective clothing should not be lower than level 2 (1.75 kPa)

The spray rating on the outer side of the protective clothing should it is more than level 3;

The breaking strength of fabric in key parts of protective clothing it is more than 45N;

The elongation at break of key parts of protective clothing should it is more than 15%;

The filtration efficiency of non-oil particles in key parts of protective clothing and seams it is more than 70%;

The electric quantity of protective clothing ≤ 0.6c/piece;

The total number of bacterial colonies 200 CFU/g, and the total number of fungal colonies 100 CFU/g

【Notes, warnings and reminders】

1) Please read the instructions carefully and use within the validity period;

2) Non-sterile protective clothing should not be used in areas with strict microbiological control

3) This product it's disposable, and it is prohibited to reuse;4) After use, the product shall be disposed according to the requirements of the hospital or the environmental protection department.

【Instructions for use】

1) Select the appropriate model/specification according to the figure before use;

2) When wearing protective clothing, wear pants first, then jacket, then hat, and finally zipper;

3) After wearing the protective clothing, make sure the head, wrists and ankles are covered tightly.

Complies with the requirement of ANSI AAMI PB70 : 2012, Level 4.

【Storage Conditions】 

The product should be stored in a dry, ventilated, non-corrosive gas environment, away from fire and flammable materials.


Shelf Life:36 Months

Disposable Protective Clothing For Medical Use(Cover All)/PA031(图1)

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